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Robert Dunahay

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Included in prestigious domestic and international collections, Robert Charles Dunahay is best known for his chromatically lush paintings of palm trees. His large colorful canvases of a single palm image isolated against a solid color background have an immediate and definite pop art quality. The palms are beautifully rendered in fantastic detail with crisp, confident brushstrokes and saturated with rich colors. As a result of Dunahays’ intimate approach and ability to personalize the subject matter, these paintings feel more like portraits than landscapes.

The Palm Series

I am drawn to the palm for its strong positive symbolism. Palm trees evoke feelings of tranquility, warmth, and inspire thoughts of vacation. They are a simple reminder that life is good. My goal is to engage the viewer in a way that allows them to experience the palm rather than to realistically render a specific tree.

In these paintings, I use color to enhance the exoticness that is already inherent in palm trees. The “face to face” composition provides the viewer with an intimate opportunity to observe the palm tree much as they would a portrait of a person. By replacing traditional references to landscape with a solid color background, the palm becomes iconic, transcending nature to become an alluring ideal palm.

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